David Johnson
Hi. I like taking pictures. Because I can't write poems. I love the idea that I can bring someone else to the place I'm standing. I can put them across from my subject and make them feel as if they were standing in the same room with me. I am a commercial entertainment and editorial photographer and director. Distraction with the first camera my father gave me as a teenager led me to abandon a childhood dream of opening a balloon animal zoo so that I could pursue the world of portrait photography. Luckily, it's all I have ever done. I've had the great opportunity to work with amazing Creatives at Fox Broadcasting, Time Magazine, BBDO, Y&R, Grey Advertising, Edelman, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, The Food Network, Atlanta Magazine, Portland Monthly, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Senior Market Advisor, Boomer Market Advisor, Benefits Selling, The Mullen Agency, and multiple record labels. In that time, I've had the opportunity to work with Academy award winning actors, Grammy award winning musicians, noted authors, chefs, scientists, entrepreneurs, a Supreme Court Justice and even two Presidents of foreign countries. I am no less passionate when I get to work with owners of small start-ups, people I meet on the street, the soon-to-be-celebrities, and the want-to-be celebrities. Everyone has a story, and I like to hear them all. I also like making silkscreens of my photos. Why? Because it looks cool. I have directed 2 short films, several music videos (on budgets that make shoestrings look rich), and often get tasked with combining a motion aspect to my still shoots. I have produced, directed and edited several multimedia featurettes, most recently a Behind the Scenes look at the photo shoot for Fox's The Following. I live in downtown Brooklyn and Los Angeles with photographer Natalie Brasington and Emma, their wiggly dog.