Natalie Brasington
Natalie Brasington is an advertising and entertainment portrait photographer based in New York City, also often working in Los Angles and places in-between. Natalie’s work often focuses on Comedic portraiture, striving to shed light on the “something extra” that lurks just below the surface and makes the viewer do a double-take. She brings this quirky, off-beat sensibility to her work with clients like Comedy Central, and on comedy specials airing on Showtime and Netflix. Her work appears in editorials like Rolling Stone Magazine, Details, Entrepreneur, New York Magazine among others, and as ads for Grey, Pantene, Direct TV, Concentric, Fox, Food Network (among others) as billboards, book jackets and print ads. In addition to collaborating with comedians on their album covers, Natalie is also shooting an ongoing personal series of comedians in public bathrooms. An important part of Natalie’s life is contributing to a larger visual narrative, making portraits with and about youth and families who are often not seen, or are far too often “looked at” rather than “seen”. Natalie is proud to serve on the board of directors for Art Start and through her work with the organization, she co-founded and produced the Art Start Portrait Project, a program that aims to show underserved youth and homeless families as they wish to be seen, in terms they define ( Natalie was honored to share this work with a broad audience in 2015 as a TedX talk. When not shooting, Natalie can be found strolling her Harlem neighborghood with her husband, photographer David Johnson, and their sweet pitbull Emma.