Cora Vohwinkel
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Art and images have always been the focus of my interests and passions. I studied art, photography, visual and interior design in both Milan and NYC. I have experience working as a photographer, set designer, and art buyer at some of the major style studios in Milan. My interdisciplinary education and experience has allowed me to work freelance since 2009. I currently work as a prop stylist, set designer, and image consultant in NYC and Milan. I have a strong network of collaborators in both cities, which provides me with extensive knowledge of the international design scene. Currently I collaborate with different brands to develop their imagery for catalogue, advertising, set and event design, including trade shows in Europe and the US. I also collaborate with private clients for interior projects and reportages. My aim is to shape every project with a unique identity, always balancing functionality with charm. Thank you! Grazie! Merci!